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From the desk of Sr. Linda: "For 18 years the San Damiano House of Prayer has been a ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi of Penance and Charity. Our mission has been to offer Franciscan Hospitality to all who come, to provide a safe place where people of all faiths have been able to experience peace, to offer spiritual services according to individual needs and to provide the opportunity to participate in spiritual direction, prayer, and retreats. Sr. Kay and I have worked each day to fulfill this sacred mission here at the San Damiano House of Prayer.

As written so beautifully in Ecclesiastes, for everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. And so it is bittersweet for us to announce that we have ended our ministries here at the San Damiano House of Prayer on July 1st, 2018. The San Damiano house of prayer has become our private residence and we will no longer be hosting the many ministries that have filled this house in the past." Directors

Linda Greenwood, OSF

For Sr. Linda (right), Lowell, MA, is home. She graduated from Dracut Senior High School and entered the Milwaukee, WI, congregation in the fall of 1969. She professed vows in 1972 and graduated from Cardinal Stritch University in 1976. After teaching primary grades for 3 years, she ministered in religious education until 2005. She completed her own studies in spiritual direction in 1983 at Sacred Heart School of Theology.

She earned a master's degree in pastoral ministry with a focus in spirituality from Fairfield University in 1986, with an internship at St. Francis Retreat Center in Burlington, WI. She was a part of the summer staff at St. Francis Retreat Center from 1982-1992. She has co-directed the ministries at San Damiano House of Prayer here in Lowell, MA, since 1999. She lived in Wisconsin from 1970-1984 and has lived in New England since 1984.

Kenan Rebholz, OSF

Sr. Kenan (left) is a Milwaukee, WI, native who entered the congregation in 1948. As a second-year novice she began her ministry as a second-grade teacher, and continued to teach after professing vows in 1951. She completed her bachelor's degree in 1964 at Cardinal Stritch University and later earned a master's degree in guidance and counseling in 1971 from Marquette University, also in Milwaukee. She remained in education in Kentucky and Wisconsin until 1977.

At that time she became a counselor at Saint Coletta of Wisconsin in Jefferson. This was the beginning of her career serving people with special needs. In 1985, she began working in a group home in Norwell, MA, followed by a year as a counselor for students with special needs in Hudson, NH. This led to managing community residences in Massachusetts for 14 years, and working in a day habitation program part-time for 6 years.

In addition to her work with Sr. Linda in meeting the needs of guests at the San Damiano House of Prayer, Sr. Kenan leads the Lifelong Covenant Relationship study for 6 associates, and participates in a faith-sharing community of people with special needs, and others, who call themselves Rainbow Seekers.

Kenan Rebholz, OSF
Linda Greenwood, OSF

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