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    San Damiano Cross

    In the ministry of spiritual direction our availability to our directees needs to be nourished by our own prayer life. To help us go deeper, we offered a prayer group which focused on the contemplative practices of Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer and included open discussion.

    This group met in the upstairs Chapel at the San Damiano House of Prayer on Monday afternoons. Presently we are reviewing a schedule for this group.

    The prayer group was initiated by Ray Palmer whose spirituality is grounded in the Cistercian charism. Ray is also a Lay Cistercian of Gethsemani Abbey and is a mentor to people in New England who are in formation to be Lay Cistercians.

    If you are interested in joining this group, please leave your name and contact information with Sr. Linda Greenwood at 978-441-0988 or email her at .

    A Wednesday evening prayer group is being offered at St. Francis Parish in Dracut. The group meets at 7:00pm at St. Francis, 115 Wheeler Road, Dracut in the trailer behind the church building. Please contact John or Andrea Nicholson at 978-975-2392 if you are interested in attending.



    Retreats: Retreatants are welcome for a few hours, a day, an overnight or an extended period, with eight to thirty day experiences available. Day facilities accommodate groups of up to 15, with access to a full kitchen. There are accommodations for up to five overnight retreatants at a time. Meals are also available, if desired, and can be taken alone or with the San Damino Retreat House Community.

    Directed Retreat: Meet daily with a director to better recognize God's loving presence and action in one's life

    Private Retreat: An environment of quiet prayer intended to assist retreatants in responding to God's faithful love

    Guided Retreat: Includes communal prayer experiences and conferences on an aspect of one's faith journey

    Hermitage Retreat: Experience the spirit of simplicity and fraternity so essential to Francisan living - retreat is rooted in the Martha/Mary relationship in Scripture, with the retreatant in the Mary role, and a staff member acting as Martha to meet the needs of hospitality. Retreatants are invited to communal evening prayer.

    New England Retreats: Please see our home Home page for information about upcoming New England Retreats.

Spiritual Direction

    Spiritual Direction: Assistance with discerning one's relationship with God. Are you looking for a spiritual director for yourself? We have many trained spiritual directors willing to walk with you in this very special ministry. Graduates of our program are located in many New England states: Spiritual Directors Location Map. Please contact Sr. Linda Greenwood 978-441-0988 or email to for assistance in finding an available spiritual director in your area.

    Spiritual Direction Training Program: Do you feel called to do spiritual direction for another? Check our Training page.

    Spiritual Direction Peer Supervision: Are you looking for a group? You will find a listing of local Peer Supervision meetings at the bottom of the Events page. If you have any questions please contact Sr. Linda at 978-441-0988.

Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius: The 19th Annotation Retreat.

    19th Annotation

    The Spiritual Exercises grew out of Ignatius Loyola's personal experience as a man seeking to grow in union with God and to discern God's will. The Spiritual Exercises can be understood as a school of freedom in which the retreatant concretely experiences more of the freedom that Christ offers. This freedom allows the retreatant to grow in the praise, reverence and service of God, our Lord, during and after the course of the Exercises. Freedom, which is a gift of grace, emerges from the experience of the prayer during a Retreat that lasts 24 weeks. The retreats are conducted by Victor Melo. For more information or to register please contact Victor Melo (978-996-8298 / Suggested donation $10 per session. The following two books are used for these retreats and are available for purchase at the San Damiano House of Prayer:

    Draw Me Into Your Friendship, The Spiritual Exercises A Literal Translation & A Contemporary Reading by David L. Fleming, S.J., $24.95

    Place Me With Your Son, Ignation Spirituality in Everyday Life, Third Edition, by James W. Skehan, S.J., $19.95


    Bookstore: Come visit our Bookstore.

    Spiritual Resources: Books, audio/video tapes.

    The House of Prayer is open to you upon request. Please call us if interested.

    For more information on any of these please contact Sr. Linda at 978-441-0988

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